We provide custom robotic hardware and software solutions across a wide variety of industries.
Explore below to see examples of how we can enable your project across different fields.

  • Yield estimation and forecasting
  • Remote sensing of crop health
  • Improved seeding
  • Top dressing
  • Packing Automation
  • Automated crop Inspection
  • Autonomous Surveying
  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Autonomous defect detections
  • Reducing operational risks
  • providing detailed insights with minimal ongoing resources
  • Identify maintenance requirements
  • Remote/confined space access
  • Industry 4.0 upgrades
  • Robotic arm deployment
  • Advanced sensor integration
  • IoT integration


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Data Monitoring & Inspection Systems

Developing fit for purpose systems to inspect and monitor data using sensors and  dashboards

Control for Automated Systems

software for a wide range of sensors, instrumentation, and mobile robotic control applications

Robotic Systems

Design and build of mobile robotic systems to perform tasks without human intervention

Robotic-Tech Hub

Find all the tech, solutions and material to take on your next robotics project


Case Studies & Tech Guides

Robotic and digital technology research and articles

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