3D Mapping

A dynamic way to capture the world around us 

Create a digital twin of your asset with NXTGEN Industries' 3D Mapping solutions. Using Lidar and other state of the art sensors, build a detailed point cloud model of assets and areas. Inspect and analyse your point cloud using our tools, or export it for use in your own workflow.


Inform your choices with detailed and accurate maps.


Save time and money with remote capture.


Stay up-to-date with your assets.

Your digital twin

Pointcloud measure

Accurate Modelling

Using high precision Lidar and mapping algorithms, create a detailed and accurate digital twin of your asset.


Use any moving platform to collect your data. NXTGEN Industries has a variety of land, sea and air vehicles to suit your domain. Once the first map has been created, automate subsequent data collection with our Taskmaster software.

Pointcloud annotate

Multiple data display

NXTGEN Industries is capable of generating more than just a point cloud. Collect multiple types of data using our variety of sensors, store it on our cloud platform, and display it in our dashboard. Correlate data on the map and view your assets in new ways.