Rely on a robot to do your work.


Save on design and development time.

time to market.

Get your system up and running faster with our prebuilt robot.


The NXTGEN AGV is NXTGEN Industries' proprietary autonomous ground vehicle. Built from the ground up for modularity, the NXTGEN AGV can handle indoor and outdoor environments, mount a variety of sensors and payload, and be autonomously or remotely operated.

All of the software, sensors and payloads are fully compatible with ROS and NXTGEN Industries' software, allowing you to set it up however you want. Or, get our in-house integration experts to customise the robot for whatever problem you face.

Your mobile robotic building platform

Modular Design

The NXTGEN AGV can be customised for whatever mission you want. NXTGEN Industries offers a variety of sensors including Lidar, depth cameras and pan-tilt cameras. T-slot extrusion is provided for payload mounting. Software drivers are available for all our sensors, allowing rapid loadout changes. All of this is ROS compatible, for easy integration with third-party equipment.

Robots as a Service

Don’t want to invest in buying a robot? Don’t want to worry about upkeep? NXTGEN Industries offers robots on a timeshare basis. Simply subscribe to our service and receive a robot for your mission when you need it. If you need integrators, NXTGEN Industries can provide engineers to help you solve your problems. If you need a specific payload, we can customise your robot for a solution tailored for you.