Empowering Efficiency Across Industries: Our cutting-edge robotic solutions redefine the boundaries of automation. Equipped with sophisticated algorithms for seamless navigation, collision avoidance, and comprehensive inspection capabilities, our autonomous mobile robots are designed for versatility and precision. Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of various applications, they integrate advanced technology to optimize performance, safety, and reliability in any operational environment.

Autonomous, Rugged & Versatile

Unveil the pinnacle of durability and automation with our NXT-GV Robot—a rugged autonomous mobile robot crafted to excel in the most challenging conditions.

These state-of-the-art machines are not only built to endure extreme environments but are also equipped with customizable features to seamlessly integrate into your specific operations. With advanced technology for efficient path planning, superior collision avoidance, and precise inspection capabilities, our robots are versatile and adaptable across a multitude of applications. 

Elevate your operations with our rugged, autonomous robots, engineered for resilience, flexibility, and peak performance.

NXT-GV Robot Features

Harness Unmatched Robotic Power: Explore the Advanced Capabilities of NXT-GV.

Robust Chassis

Built to Endure: Our robot features a robust chassis engineered for all-terrain operations, ensuring reliable performance in any environment. The spacious interior is thoughtfully designed to accommodate additional electronics, sensors, and IT peripherals, enhancing adaptability and functionality for complex tasks.

Navigation Modes

Navigate with Precision: Equipped with dual navigation modes, our robot offers both remote control and autonomous navigation capabilities. Switch seamlessly between control options to suit your operational needs, whether manually guiding the robot or deploying it for fully autonomous missions.

Long Battery Life

Go the Distance: Powered by a massive battery, our robot is built for endurance, capable of undertaking long missions without the frequent need for recharging. For applications requiring lighter loads, smaller batteries are also available, providing flexibility to match your specific operational requirements.

Modular Payloads & Sensors

Customize Your Capabilities: Featuring a modular design, our robot allows for the easy mounting of various types of sensors and payloads. Tailor the robot to meet your specific needs by quickly adapting its configuration to enhance functionality and response in diverse operational scenarios.




  • Size 995 x 740 x 430 mm
  • weight 85 kg
  • ground clearance 60 mm
  • payload 120 kg
  • iP rating IP65
  • wheel options 13×5-6 road and offroad tyres 

Robot control

  • Max speed 2 m/s
  • interfaces wifi, CAN, ethernet, serial
  • 2 cm navigation accuracy 


  • Battery life:  6-8 hrs
  • battery max/min voltage:  54/38 V
  • max discharge current: 50 A
  • 8 programmable voltage channels: 5v-48V       
  • Current monitoring per channel
  • Built in memory card for data logging.
  • Embedded micro controller
    with Wi-Fi, communication, CanBUS communication,Digital IO


NXT-GV Robot Applications

Cross-Industry Expertise: Delivering Robotic Solutions for Varied Challenges Across All Sectors

The NXT-GV Robot Surveyor is meticulously designed to navigate and map complex landscapes, providing accurate surveying results with cm accuracy even in the most challenging terrains

Robotic Surveying

Leveraging innovative technology, our exceptional NX-GV Robot can be modified to provide mobile cleaning and maintenance solutions, providing top-level cleanliness and optimized performance for your assets.

Robotic Cleaning & Maintenance

Efficient and robust, the NXT-GV Robot Transporter revolutionizes heavy material handling across tough environments, ensuring safe and reliable transport of large loads.

Robot Transporter

Transforming agricultural practices, the NXT-GV Robot Agriculturist thrives in diverse field conditions, optimizing crop management and operations with precision automation.

Autonomous crop inspection

The NXT-GV Robot Inspector ensures the longevity and safety of vital infrastructures in remote locations, performing meticulous inspections and maintenance tasks with unmatched precision.

Industrial Site Monitoring

The NXT-GV Robot can be adapted for high-performance surveillance in the most demanding environments. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and real-time data processing, this robot provides enhanced security and monitoring capabilities, ensuring comprehensive coverage and rapid response in critical situations.

Autonomous Security and Surveillance

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