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Banana Defect Detection

High-Efficiency, Quality Control

Discover the cutting-edge NXTGEN Banana Inspection System, an advanced solution tailored for high-efficiency fruit processing lines. Designed to handle the rapid pace of modern production environments, this system employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise quality control and grading of bananas, enhancing productivity and ensuring top-quality product output.

Banana Defect Detection

Equipped with High-Speed Data capture capabilities

High-Speed Data Capture

Our Banana Inspection System is equipped with high-speed data capture capabilities, able to process images of bananas moving at speeds of up to 300mm/s. This feature allows for continuous, real-time analysis without compromising the flow of production, making it ideal for high-throughput processing lines.

Multiple Defect Detection Capabilities

With advanced defect detection and classification technology, the system offers detailed insights into the quality of each banana. It can identify a range of imperfections, from minor bruises to significant blemishes, and classify them based on severity, providing invaluable data for quality control and further processing decisions.

Adjustable Pass/Fail Criteria

Flexibility is key in production, and our system provides adjustable pass/fail criteria that can be tailored to meet specific quality standards or customer requirements. This adaptability ensures that all output aligns with the desired quality level, reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction.

Modular Design

The modular design of our Banana Inspection System facilitates easy expansion and customization. Whether scaling up operations or integrating additional functionalities, the system's design allows for seamless enhancements to meet the growing and changing needs of your production line.

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