smart machine tractor for agricultural technology case study by NXTGEN Industries


Traditional Farming Meets Modern Technology at the Crossroads

Automation on the Farm Field

case study for agricultural robotic solution by NXTGEN Industries

The Implementation Phase

Upgrades and Interventions

Embracing the Future of Farming

We weren’t too sure about the idea of robots on our farm, but once we saw the improved efficiency and decreased crop damage, we knew we’d made the right choice.

Farmer from France

It’s an entirely new level of capabilities. It’s like my old tractor got a higher degree! The gains we’ve made in yield and operational costs are simply remarkable

Farmer from Australia

The Benefits

A farmer isn’t able to see every kernel as it makes its way through the different sections of the harvesting machine, and they might harvest a whole field before realizing there was something wrong

John Teeple, director of advanced technology at John Deere

Key Success Metrics

The savings on chemicals is huge, but there’s also savings for the environment from using less chemicals and you’re also getting a better result in the end

Bradford, who’s run the farm for about 10 years.

Looking in the Future

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