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Enhance workplace safety with our advanced Collision Warning System. Designed to seamlessly integrate into corporate environments, our system provides proactive alerts, mitigating potential risks and ensuring a secure working environment. Trust in our technology to safeguard your employees and assets, setting a new standard for safety in the corporate landscape

Safeguarding Success Your Shield in Motion.

The NXTGEN Collision Warning System is a smarter approach to enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Powered by our advanced NXTGEN Inspect platform, this system not only serves as a critical safety device but also as a sophisticated analytical tool that captures a wide array of data, providing deeper insights and significantly improving workplace safety.

Enhanced Safety

Our Collision Warning System provides proactive alerts, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer working environment for all.

Customizable Alerting

Our Collision Warning System is designed with flexibility at its core, featuring customizable alert configurations to meet the unique safety needs of different operational environments. Users can set alert thresholds and parameters tailored to specific workplace conditions, ensuring that warnings are both relevant and timely, thereby enhancing responsiveness and preventive safety measures.

Configurable Sensors

To accommodate diverse detection requirements, the system includes a range of configurable sensors. Whether you need ultrasonic, infrared, radar sensors or cameras, our system can integrate various types to ensure optimal coverage and detection accuracy in any operational scenario. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to logistics.

Powered by NXTGEN Inspect

At the heart of our Collision Warning System is the NXTGEN Inspect platform, which not only powers the system's safety features but also enhances its capability as an advanced analytical tool. This integration allows the system to capture critical data points during operations, which can be analyzed to uncover operational inefficiencies, enhance productivity, and further improve safety protocols.

Advanced Data Analysis and Insight Gathering

With NXTGEN Inspect, the Collision Warning System transcends traditional safety measures by providing advanced data analysis capabilities. It collects and processes data from everyday operations, offering actionable insights that can lead to improved decision-making processes and strategic operational adjustments. This data-driven approach helps in identifying potential risks before they become incidents, thereby fostering a safer working environment.



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Our collision warning system is equipped with advanced sensors for accurate detection, ensuring heightened safety in corporate environments.


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The CWS system is equipped with 4G connectivity,  enabling seamless data sync between the system and the cloud.

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