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Empowering Efficiency Across Industries: Our cutting-edge robotic solutions redefine the boundaries of automation. Equipped with sophisticated algorithms for seamless navigation, collision avoidance, and comprehensive inspection capabilities, our autonomous mobile robots are designed for versatility and precision. Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of various applications, they integrate advanced technology to optimize performance, safety, and reliability in any operational environment.

Precision, Agility and Safety

Introducing NXTGEN Industries’ Confined Space Rivet Replacement Robot, a specialized solution designed for the meticulous maintenance of confined steel structures. Engineered to navigate the narrow interiors of steel bridge structures, this robot expertly combines precision, agility, and safety, revolutionizing the approach to rivet replacement. By automating essential maintenance tasks, our robot not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures the longevity of critical infrastructure components in challenging environments.

Rivet Replacement Robot Features

Precision in Every Nook: Mastering Rivet Replacement in Confined Spaces

Mobile Vehicle

The core of our solution is a highly mobile vehicle, engineered to navigate the challenging environment of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This robotic vehicle is equipped with advanced mobility features allowing it to maneuver across complex surfaces with ease, ensuring comprehensive coverage and consistent maintenance performance.

Precision Alignment of Tool Head and Tools Using Linear Ball Screw Platforms

Precision is paramount in maintenance robotics. Our system utilizes linear ball screw platforms for the precise alignment of tool heads and tools. This feature ensures that every operation, from rivet removal to bolt installation, is executed with millimeter accuracy, significantly reducing the risk of errors and enhancing overall maintenance quality.

Compact Design for Confined Spaces

Designed to operate within the restrictive confines of the bridge's internal structure, our robot features a compact design that does not sacrifice power or functionality. This allows it to access and repair hard-to-reach areas that are typically beyond the scope of human workers, ensuring thorough maintenance without compromising on safety.

Multipurpose Tool Changing Head

Our robot is equipped with a multipurpose tool-changing head, enhancing its versatility and effectiveness. This innovative head includes:

    Bolt Holder: Securely holds bolts during installation, ensuring precision and stability.
    Rivet Capture Device: Efficiently captures and removes old rivets, maintaining cleanliness and order during operations.
    Magnetometer for Rivet Identification: Quickly identifies and assesses rivets, speeding up the maintenance process and reducing downtime.
    Laser Pointer for Easy Positioning: Assists in the accurate placement of the robot, enhancing the precision of repairs.
    Pan and Tilt Camera: Provides real-time feedback to operators, ensuring all tasks are performed accurately and to the highest standards.

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