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Enhancing Safety on Construction Sites: NXTGEN's Personnel Alerting System Project with LXRP


in the fast-evolving world of construction safety, NXTGEN Industries, in collaboration with LXRP, has launched an innovative project to integrate a sophisticated collision warning system with personnel alerting capabilities. This system aims to revolutionize safety protocols by enabling real-time alerts for both machine operators and personnel within the danger zone.


Project Overview

The project’s primary goal was to enhance NXTGEN industries existing Collision warning system and camera technology with augmented alerting capabilities, incorporating a wireless radio network to enable direct alerts to be received by both machinery operators and on-ground personnel. This initiative was driven by LXRP’s interest in exploring the viability of wearable alerting systems for modern construction sites.

Technology and Innovation

Utilizing a blend of computer vision AI, GPS, and ultra-wideband (UWB) radio localization tags, the project leveraged smart algorithms to synchronize data from detection and alerting technologies. This high-tech integration allows for precise location tracking and timely warnings, significantly enhancing situational awareness and safety on site.

The Challenge

The implementation faced significant challenges, particularly with the UWB radio network, where the necessity for numerous radio anchors to provide adequate coverage made installation more complex and costly. 

The Solution

To address this, compromises were made regarding vehicle-based installations, leading to innovative developments in accurately detecting personal locations confined to vehicle boundaries.


The successful deployment of this personnel alerting system has profound implications for the construction industry. By providing dual alerts to both operators and ground personnel, the system markedly improves on-site safety, potentially reducing accident rates and enhancing operational efficiency. This project not only underscores the importance of innovative safety measures but also sets a new standard for proactive risk management in construction environments.


The collaboration between NXTGEN Industries and LXRP on this cutting-edge safety project marks a significant advancement in construction safety technology. By integrating complex Al and localization technologies, they have created a system that enhances the protective measures for construction workers, paving the way for broader adoption of similar technologies across the industry.

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