As the world population continues to grow, so does the need for food. Combined with challenges like climate change, an ageing workforce, and limited arable land, sustainable agriculture represents a growing problem of our time. In an industry where manual processes are no longer able to satisfy the demands of the modern world, automation and robotics is a viable solution in both large scale operations and family run farms.

Drones, IoT sensors and data analysis are already being used in the fields to improve operational efficiency, quality control and increase crop yields. Recent developments focus on automating tasks such as weeding, harvesting and trimming. We are on the cusp of a new age of agriculture as these robotic farmhands further move from research to commercialisation.

can we help?

NXTGEN Industries are experts in integrating and deploying sensors to collect information about your fields. From Lidar to IR to hyperspectral cameras, we can collect and display this data for you to inform your decisions. Machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can give you insights that were previously hidden or difficult to find.

We also specialise in creating robotic systems, whether for surveying or performing farm tasks. We can develop solutions using off-the-shelf hardware, or design and build a custom robot suited for your application.


Crop Inspection and Monitoring

We can integrate stationary or mobile sensors for your fields, be they IoT devices or mounted to a drone or NXTGEN AGV.

We can provide machine vision and AI for analysis of data.

Packing Line Automation

NXTGEN Industries can design, integrate and retrofit your packing lines with automation and robotics for increased efficiency. This includes different types of sensors, machine vision, and AI.

Field Robotics

We can specify, integrate or design robotic farmhands to help in your fields. We partner with OEMs for access to a wide variety of hardware, and we can build custom robots for your specific application.


Increased efficiency

Robotic farmhands equipped with machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can target specific plants for weeding or watering, reducing consumables usage. Automated harvesting systems can harvest entire trees at once, reducing time and labour costs.

Automated solutions speed up and improve your farm processes, increasing crop yield and reducing waste. Get more done with less.

Increased data visibility

Sensors such as Lidar and hyperspectral cameras, connected to IoT devices or mobile platforms like unmanned ground or aerial vehicles, can provide data and insights on a previously infeasible scale.

Monitor day-to-day crop changes, plant health, irrigation and disease with up-to-date information. Respond rapidly and accurately with wide data coverage and pinpoint knowledge.

Reduced costs

Cut down on your labour costs by using highly efficient robotic solutions. Reduce usage of pesticides and water with targeted applications. Use data insights to plan ahead and prevent costly problems before they occur.