The use of automation in manufacturing has a long history. Whether it be for welding, packaging, inspecting, labeling or simply transporting goods, a broad range of technology exists for making manufacturing process cheaper, more reliable, and safer.

Current trends focus on using machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform automatic inspection and analysis, and leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide data insights into processes and operations.

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NXTGEN Industries are specialists in integrating computer vision, advanced sensors and IoT-enabled devices into new and existing industrial processes. We have experience with a wide range of sensors and algorithms, to ensure we can find the perfect solution for your problems.

We are also experts in developing robotic solutions, both bespoke and using off-the-shelf components.



NXTGEN Industries can use advanced sensors, machine vision and AI to inspect products on your manufacturing line, or monitor your infrastructure and assets.

We can use machine vision to help you count, classify and keep track of your objects of interest, in various environments.

We can help you integrate robotics into your production line to increase efficiency.


Increased Precision and Reliability

The use of robotics in industrial automation greatly alleviates human error, providing quality and consistency in the manufacturing process.

Robotics can ensure your product is high quality, every time.

Increased Safety

Robotics can take humans out of harm’s way, by replacing them in hazardous processes. Reduce the risk to your workforce and keep your people safe.

Increased Productivity

Robots are able to perform tasks more efficiently than humans, increasing production output. Automated processes are less likely to fail and have a higher uptime, and will not suffer from fatigue.

Increased Flexibility

Retraining human operators can be costly and time consuming. Robots can be rapidly reprogrammed to handle new tasks and to suit your production line.

Increased Data Visibility

Automated data collection allows tracking and tracing through the entire manufacturing process, from initial stock to final delivery.

Data can be easily collected and analysed for insights into operations and processes, to help you make the right decisions for your business.