Historically, the construction industry is one of the least automated industries that feature manual-intensive labour as a primary source of productivity. Whether it’s new commercial construction, renovation or demolition, robots have yet to play a significant role in any step of a building’s life cycle.

With the increase in demand of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the advancement of mobile autonomous systems, there are several new technologies under development and in the early stages of deployment that could open up a world of opportunities for the construction industry.

can we help?

We are specialists in advanced robotic technologies and have insights to help implement these systems on projects and construction sites.

Having previous experience in the construction industry we understand the drivers and limitations, and how robotics and data intelligence can drive autonomy in the construction industry.


Robotic Point Cloud Surveying

Many construction sites are utilising point cloud scanners to verify installation for quality assurance and project tracking.
We can help integrate Autonomous Point Cloud Scanning on your project to feed into your workflows.

Autonomous Robotic Machinery

NXTGEN Industries Partner with OEMs for robotic machinery. Get in touch if you are interested in automating your machinery.

From Robotic Earth Movers to Autonomous Piling, we can spec the right systems for you.

Robotic Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

We deliver systems with industrial-grade reliability and robustness that meet high quality standards.

Our portfolio ranges from manual hand-held scanners to autonomous cleaning & inspection robots.

Our robotic platforms perform inspection and maintenance tasks  (cleaning, mechanical work) in inaccessible and dangerous environments.


Increased Safety

Robots have a lot to offer in construction in terms of safety. One of their best value adds is being able to remotely control robots, allowing construction workers to access places safely without compromising their own safety.

Increased Precision & Reliability

Robots in construction offer remarkable precision when performing automated tasks. Whether their task is collecting data or performing an automated routine you can guarantee that the job will be performed to the desired specification and requirements.

An investment in robotics could have a great increase in reliability around these processes and ensure the task is performed accurately and consistently every time. 

Reduced Costs

Robotic systems on construction sites have the ability to reduce costs in multiple ways. 

Having accessible mobile inspection technologies means your robot can inspect construction sites continuously without any additional costs. This provides site managers to have superior insights over their construction sites and facilitates better planning.

Another use case is having eyes where humans physically can not go. Smaller robotics systems can help construction workers reduce risk on site by inspecting areas or assets under construction sites.