Unlock new insights with NXTGEN Industries Inspection and Monitoring Platform. Use any sensor, on any platform, and aggregate and view it on our dashboard. NXTGEN Industries are experts in specifying, integrating and deploying sensors for a variety of industries, including industrial automation, agricultural and mining.


Improve decision making with accurate data.


Monitor your assets from anywhere.


Uncover hidden information.

Whatever data, wherever


Sensor Experts

We have experience with a wide range of sensors including Lidar, depth cameras, IR and hyperspectral cameras. We can integrate them into your systems to get the information you need.

Cloud Platform

View your data from anywhere with our cloud connected dashboard. Perform remote inspections and monitor the condition of your assets without having to be there. Collate the data, view it on the dashboard, and use it to inform your decisions.



We can use any platform for mounting the sensors, be it a mobile robot, Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled device, industrial line, or asset. Our AGV and software all support the deployment of sensors for inspection and monitoring.