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NXTGEN Industries' T.R.E.S (Train Rail Examination System)

Overhauling Train Automation

NXTGEN Industries is upping the ante in the rail industry. Our latest project, T.R.E.S (Train Rail Examination System), comes as a game-changing innovation. Using state-of-the-art robotics, this train automation project aims to revolutionize the way we inspect and maintain train undercarriages.

The Genesis of T.R.E.S

Our partner, FMT, expressed a need for a system that could automatically collect and analyze necessary data for inspecting and maintaining train assets. This call urged NXTGEN Industries to brainstorm, design, and bring to life a system that harmonizes automation and advanced robotics – resulting in the birth of T.R.E.S.

To ensure the validity and versatility of our system, we conducted numerous trials with renowned rail service providers including Downer (Sydney), Dubai Metro, and RET (Rotterdam). Each of these trials posed unique inspection requirements, with most being satisfactorily met using our robot.

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Integrating Robotics and AI

At the heart of T.R.E.S lies NXTGEN’s autonomous navigation platform, a fusion of innovative robotic vehicle and arm control systems. The platform employs point cloud object analysis and detection, as well as train object detections, to accurately navigate, inspect, and collect key data from the undercarriages of trains.

Working in narrow, intricate environments posed significant challenges. To address these, the system is adeptly programmed to navigate and inspect various assets in the undercarriage, including brakes, wheels, gearbox oil levels, and suspension components. Thanks to our robotic vehicle and arm control systems, these tasks are achieved without clashes, even in the tightest spaces.

A Leap Forward in Train Automation

T.R.E.S does not just contribute positively to NXTGEN Industries and our partners – it offers broader implications to our customers and the entire rail industry.

With T.R.E.S, an evident improvement in efficiency can be experienced, thanks to the reduction of manual interventions in inspection and maintenance processes. This modern train automation solution also provides better data traceability and record-keeping, lending enhanced accuracy in asset management and decision-making processes.

Moreover, quality and consistency are largely improved due to the elimination of human error, translating into safer, smoother, and more reliable train operations globally.

Ensuring Proprietary Excellence

NXTGEN Industries guarantees the quality and reliability of this pioneering train automation solution. This goes beyond protecting our intellectual property, as it assures our customers and partners that they’re receiving a unique, solid, and secure solution, developed with unmatched precision and care.

Operational efficiency, top-notch quality, and remarkable consistency are no longer aspirations in the rail industry, but realities made possible by NXTGEN Industries through the T.R.E.S. As we move forward, we stand committed to pioneering innovations that transform the world of train automation.

Ensuring Proprietary Excellence

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Operational efficiency

Expedited project completion without compromising on quality.

Top-notch quality

Minimizing long-term expenses associated with manual labor and insurance.

Remarkable consistency

Significantly diminishing the risk of inaccuracy.

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