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Pioneering Undercarriage Inspections: NXTGEN's Robotic Solution for Train Maintenance


In a world where safety and efficiency in rail transport are paramount, NXTGEN Industries introduces a groundbreaking robotic solution designed to
revolutionize the inspection and maintenance of train undercarriages.




Project Overview

The primary goal of this project was to develop a robotic system capable of inspecting and collecting detailed data from train undercarriages. In collaboration with FMT, NXTGEN utilized its robust NXT-GV platform to create a system that automatically provides critical data for asset analysis and
maintenance planning.


FMT sought an innovative approach to enhance their train asset management. The collaboration led to the adaptation of NXTGEN’s proven NXT-GV robotic platform, refined through rigorous trials with various clients including Downer in Sydney, Dubai Metro, and RET in Rotterdam. Each client presented unique inspection challenges and environmental conditions, driving NXTGEN to customize the robot’s configuration for optimal navigation and detection capabilities.

Technology and Innovation

The project leverages NXTGEN’s autonomous navigation platform, which includes advanced robotic vehicle and arm control systems. Key technologies
include point cloud object analysis and train object detection, enabling precise identification and assessment of critical undercarriage components such
as brakes, wheels, gearbox oil levels, and suspension systems.

The Challenge

One of the significant challenges was configuring the robot to operate in the confined spaces beneath trains, where it is crucial to accurately assess the
condition of various mechanical components. NXTGEN addressed this by enhancing the robot’s maneuverability and sensor integration, ensuring it could
navigate tight spaces and relay comprehensive data back to operators.


The deployment of NXTGEN’s robotic systems has transformed undercarriage inspections across the rail industry. These robots provide a consistent, efficient, and safe means of collecting high-quality data, which significantly improves maintenance planning and operational reliability.

Broader Implications

The success of this project extends beyond improved maintenance protocols. It represents a shift towards more sustainable and reliable rail services by
ensuring better asset management. For the rail industry, customers, and the broader community, this means enhanced safety, reduced downtime, and
more efficient use of resources.


NXTGEN Industries’ innovative approach to train undercarriage inspection exemplifies how advanced robotics can address complex industrial challenges.
As rail companies continue to seek improvements in safety and efficiency, NXTGEN’s technologies are at the forefront, providing intelligent solutions
that push the boundaries of traditional maintenance strategies.

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