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Revolutionizing Facade Inspection: NXTGEN's Automated System for Arup


In a significant leap forward for building maintenance, NXTGEN Industries, in collaboration with Arup, a tier-1 consulting firm known for its facade design and diagnostic services, has developed an advanced automated inspection system. This project aims to enhance the safety and efficiency of building facade inspections using state-of-the-art technology.



Project Overview

The project’s primary goal was to develop a system capable of capturing high-resolution imagery to detect defects as small as 1mm on building facades, with localization accuracy to within one meter. This technology promises to transform how facade inspections are conducted by significantly improving both precision and reliability.

Technology and Innovation

The heart of this innovative project is the “NXTGEN Inspect Platform,” which integrates various camera technologies and localization tools. This platform is designed to operate autonomously, utilizing 4G connectivity and cloud databases to manage and process data efficiently. Moreover, the system employs artificial intelligence to navigate along facades and accurately identify defects and architectural features.

The Challenge

Integrating the NXTGEN Inspect Platform with existing Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) machines presented significant technical challenges, particularly in achieving the required accuracy levels.

The Solution

Through meticulous engineering and multiple iterations, NXTGEN successfully enhanced the system’s precision to meet Arup’s stringent specifications. This breakthrough not only facilitates safer inspections by reducing the need for human inspectors to access potentially dangerous areas but also ensures that critical data is collected more reliably and efficiently.

Broader Implications

The implementation of this automated inspection system offers substantial benefits beyond improved safety. It enhances data traceability, streamlines the inspection process, and reduces the costs associated with traditional manual inspections. For the Building facade maintenance industry, this represents a shift towards more sustainable and cost-effective practices, setting a new standard in building diagnostics.


NXTGEN Industries and Arup’s collaboration on this automated facade inspection system marks a pivotal advancement in building maintenance technology. By integrating sophisticated imaging and Al technologies, this project not only increases safety but also drives operational efficiencies that could reshape the future of architectural diagnostics.

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