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Revolutionizing Rail Infrastructure Inspection: Autonomous Rail infrastructure inspection Vehicle


In the rapidly evolving rail industry, maintaining track integrity and safety is paramount. FMT, in partnership with NXTGEN Industries, has embarked on a transformative project to develop an automated inspection system for train track infrastructure. This system is designed to capture high-resolution imagery and precise measurements to detect track defects as small as 1mm with localization accuracy to sub 1 meter.


Project Overview

The primary objective of this project was to enhance FMT’s digital inspection services by creating a game-changing automated system capable of capturing detailed data while in motion. This initiative aligns with the growing demand for more efficient and accurate rail infrastructure maintenance techniques.

Challenges and Solutions:

Key challenges included meeting the rigorous accuracy specifications and industry standards required for rail safety and operation. To address these, NXTGEN meticulously refined their technology to enhance measurement precision and reliability. The successful integration of this system has significantly reduced the need for manual inspections, streamlining the entire data capture and analysis process.

Technology and Innovation

The project utilizes the “NXTGEN Inspect Platform,” an advanced automated inspection system equipped with high-resolution cameras, laser measurement tools, and sophisticated localization technology. This setup ensures mm-accurate measurements of rail geometry and defect detection. The system is enhanced with artificial intelligence, which assists in navigating and pinpointing infrastructure anomalies, all while leveraging 4G connectivity for seamless data management.

Broader Implications

Implementing this automated inspection system offers several benefits, including improved data traceability and process efficiency, which translate into cost savings and enhanced safety for rail operators and passengers. Moreover, the project sets a new standard in the rail industry, pushing forward the boundaries of what is possible in rail infrastructure maintenance.


The collaboration between FMT and NXTGEN Industries represents a significant leap forward in rail maintenance technology. This project not only demonstrates the potential of automation in enhancing traditional rail services but also highlights the commitment of both organizations to driving innovation and safety in the rail industry.

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