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Discover the cutting-edge NXTGEN Robotic Controller, a robust and versatile command center designed to enhance the control and operation of industrial robots. This controller integrates seamlessly with rugged tablets and brings precision handling through its intuitive joystick and emergency stop features, tailored to meet the demands of any robotic application.

Robot Controller

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Integrated Rugged Tablet Interface

The NXTGEN Robotic Controller is engineered to bolt directly onto any rugged tablet, transforming it into an advanced robotic command center. This integration ensures that operators have a portable yet powerful tool at their fingertips, capable of managing complex robotic operations with ease and reliability.

Precision Joystick Control

Equipped with a high-precision joystick, our controller allows for meticulous movement and navigation of robotic systems. This feature is essential for tasks requiring detailed manipulation and fine control, providing operators with the tactile feedback needed to execute precise operations.

Emergency Stop Function

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting. The NXTGEN Robotic Controller includes a readily accessible emergency stop button that ensures immediate cessation of all robotic functions, safeguarding both the operator and the machinery. This critical safety feature helps prevent accidents and maintain a secure operating environment.

Customizable Button Layout

Tailor your robotic controller to fit your specific operational needs with our customizable button layout. Whether you need additional controls for specific tasks or simplified access to frequently used commands, our system can be configured to your exact specifications, ensuring a user-friendly interface that enhances productivity and reduces training time.

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