Our Robotic Control Solutions


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Robotic Autonomous Navigation

Using SLAM, obstacle avoidance, sensors and advanced motion control, our technology enables robots to perceive their environment and navigate autonomouly. They have the ability to map their surroundings and determine their location within indoor and outdoor environments. Our navigation system facilitates path planning and the ability to carry out navigation freely in a static or dynamic environment.

Robotic Vision

Robotic Vision and Perception Systems

Vision technology has become critical for many robotic applications. We deliver integrated solutions using advanced cameras and sensors to allow robots to autonomously process visual data from the world. They can then segment data in which they perceive which empowers the robot to learn from sensory data. Based on learned models it can make decisions, plan and operate including object and human detection, activity detection, classifying and scene understanding.

Motion Control

Pre-configured motion control packages for robotic applications. They can be used to produce controlled movements for typical motion control systems such as linear motion, skid steer drive and steering control. Our control solutions deliver precision, accuracy and efficiency whilst performing desired actions.


SHB Motion Control 1
lidar realtime

Obstacle Avoidance

Advanced obstacle avoidance solutions using various advanced sensors including depth cameras, machine cameras, ultrasonic sensors, infrared and Lidar. They can be seamlessly integrated within mobile autonomous robotic navigation systems to sense and avoid obstacles in its path.



3D Mapping

Visualise, record, measure and understand indoor and outdoor environments using advanced sensors and imagery. Our autonomous 3D mobile mapping solutions create point clouds and can be mounted on a variety of mobile vehicles. They are innovative, highly accurate and cost effective, and provide high-value data for small to large and complex projects.