Robot Task Master

Control your workflow, simple planning and scheduling for your Autonomous Robots

AGV v315
Robotic arm

Taskmaster is a mission planning software. Fully compatible with ROS, Taskmaster allows you to queue, schedule and plan missions to be autonomously completed. Set up your workflow once, and simply and easily repeat the mission.


Specify tasks once, then let the robot do the work.


Save on your time and money.

Integrate and

All your work in one place.



Taskmaster is compatible with any ROS Action, Service or Topic. Publish to any topic, call any service, or use any action. Use any ROS compliant hardware, and Taskmaster will automatically discover and surface their interfaces. Taskmaster itself presents a ROS interface, allowing you to connect it to other autonomy or control. Taskmaster integrates with our NXTGEN AGV, or any other robot.

User friendly interface

The Taskmaster dashboard allows anyone, regardless of experience, to plan and control their robot and mission. Set up a workflow, specify where and when tasks run, and view their progress all from the dashboard.

waypoint navigation

Navigation enabled

Integrated map allows you to simply click on a map to generate waypoints and seamlessly add them to your workflow. Trigger specific actions at specific points, and plan what you want done, and where.