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Engineering the Future: NXTGEN's Robotic Rivet Replacement on the Sydney Harbour Bridge


As the Sydney Harbour Bridge approaches its centennial celebration, it continues to embrace cutting-edge technologies to ensure its preservation. With the installation of a new Bridge Maintenance Unit (BMU), NXTGEN Industries has introduced robotic systems designed to enhance safety and efficiency during maintenance operations.



Project Overview

Project Overview: The primary goal of this initiative was to develop a robotic solution to assist in the replacement of rivets with bolts on the bridge’s track system—a key component of the new BMU installation. This was essential for securing the trackwork needed for the maintenance unit, all within the upper arches of the bridge where space is confined and traditional human labor poses significant risks. The

The Challenge

The project faced multiple challenges, including the need for precise operations in the confined and steeply sloped upper arches of the bridge. The historical context and the existing structure demanded a solution that could navigate tight spaces and outdated infrastructure without compromising on safety or efficiency.

The Solution

Led by Daniel Messina, NXTGEN Industries developed a bespoke robotic system equipped with advanced robotic control systems and inspection solutions. This system allowed for seamless control and real-time feedback, enabling operators to replace rivets with bolts efficiently and safely.


The implementation began with a detailed analysis of the bridge’s specifications and the requirements of the new BMU system. The NXTGEN team constructed a scale replica of the bridge sections to thoroughly test and refine their robotic designs. This meticulous preparation ensured the robots could effectively maneuver through the bridge’s narrow access points. The successful trials led to the deployment of two operational robots, supplemented by a third unit reserved as a standby.


The Harbour Bridge Maintenance Robots (BMRs) have transformed the rivet replacement process, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. These robots are specially designed to navigate the confined spaces of the bridge’s arches, effectively reducing the need for human intervention in these hazardous areas and thereby enhancing worker safety.

Future Implications

This project sets a new benchmark for infrastructure maintenance, demonstrating how robotics can lead to safer, faster, and more cost-effective construction practices. NXTGEN Industries continues to explore new applications of their technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in robotic automation across various sectors.


The NXTGEN robotic rivet replacement project on the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a testament to the potential of innovation to redefine the maintenance of historical infrastructure. As the company looks ahead, it remains committed to leveraging technology to solve complex industrial challenges, ensuring the longevity and safety of essential structures worldwide.

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