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Train examination system

Elevate your corporate fleet with our advanced autonomous ground vehicle, engineered to optimize efficiency, enhance safety, and revolutionize productivity in every operation.

RailGuard: Advanced Train Inspection System

RailGuard utilizes robotics and AI to detect flaws in railways and trains swiftly. With high-resolution sensors, it identifies maintenance needs accurately, ensuring safety and minimizing downtime.

Integration Capabilities

our software supports interoperability with third-party software and hardware solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and data sharing across the organization.

LiDAR Sensors

Integrated LiDAR sensors provide accurate 3D mapping of the surroundings, facilitating comprehensive inspection of track geometry and identifying anomalies such as misalignments or irregularities.

Robotic Arm

Featuring a versatile robotic arm with multi-axis movement capabilities, our system can reach difficult-to-access areas for thorough inspection of train undercarriages and overhead structures.

Wireless Communication Modules

Utilizing robust wireless communication modules, our system enables seamless data transmission between the inspection robot and control center, ensuring real-time monitoring and analysis.

High-Resolution Cameras

Equipped with a array of high-resolution cameras, our Train Inspection System captures detailed images of railway infrastructure and train components, enabling precise defect detection.

Intuitive User Interface

With an intuitive user interface, operators can easily interact with and monitor vehicle performance, ensuring seamless integration into existing corporate workflows and facilitating efficient management.




Approx. 350 kilogram


5-8 hours
(typical running time under typical use)

9-12 hours (typical running time with slow/minimal movement)


0.75 meters per second

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