Train Inspection Robots

NXTGEN Industries, a leading robotics company, in partnership with Future Maintenance Technologies, has developed a revolutionary robot designed to carry out dimensional and visual inspections in the undercarriage of trains. The partnership has enabled NXTGEN to leverage its advanced robotics technology to create a robot that is changing the way inspections are conducted in the rail industry.


At NXTGEN Industries, we believe that automation is the future of inspections, and the robot we developed is an excellent example of that. The robot is equipped with advanced technology that enables it to accurately measure different aspects of the undercarriage of trains. Additionally, automated analytical tools are used to generate reports and detect anomalies and defects, making the inspection process faster and more efficient.

Advantages of Using This System


Inspection Data

The robot’s ability to measure wheel profiles with sub-mm accuracy, accurately measure brake shoe and disk thicknesses, and perform various visual inspections for surface-related defects is crucial in the rail industry. The reports generated by automated analytical tools are accurate, detailed, and easy to understand, making it easier for maintenance teams to take the necessary actions to rectify the issues detected. The use of automated analytical tools also ensures that the inspection process is faster and more efficient, reducing downtime and minimizing costs.



The Future of Train Inspections

The robot developed by NXTGEN Industries in partnership with Future Maintenance Technologies is a testament to our commitment to creating innovative solutions that can solve complex problems. The use of automated analytical tools in the inspection process will undoubtedly enhance safety and efficiency in the rail industry. By enhancing consistency and freeing up people from mundane inspection tasks, maintenance teams can focus on more critical tasks that require their attention.

New era of consistency

One of the significant advantages of using this system is that it enhances consistency. The robot can perform inspections with a high level of accuracy and consistency, eliminating the risk of human error. This means that maintenance teams can rely on the data generated by the robot to make informed decisions about the maintenance of trains.

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